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Aubrey, TX Pest Control

Full-Service Pest Control In Aubrey, TX

Nestled in the heart of Texas approximately an hour outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the small city of Aubrey is regarded as a lovely place to live. Given its small-town feel, emphasis on community, and good public schools, it’s particularly sought after by growing families. Aubrey is also home to lots of local restaurants and businesses for residents to patronize. With seasonal conditions that are warm and, at times, arid, very specific pest problems can arise throughout the year.

At Mayco Pest and Termite Control, we’re committed to providing Denton County pest control that is built to last. With more than 10 years of experience, there is no pest problem that we can’t solve. All of our programs are customized to the specific needs of our customers and we pride ourselves on always staying up-to-date on the latest and best practices. With a service guarantee, we stand by our work and your safety. To learn more about our offerings, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Aubrey

Your Aubrey home deserves the highest quality residential pest control, which is why at Mayco Pest and Termite Control, we are focused on full-service offerings that are customized to your needs. Each potential customer receives a thorough inspection of their property, after which, we discuss your pest control needs in order to create the perfect treatment plan for your home. During this process, we treat the entire interior and exterior of your home as well as place granular treatments and any other methods that it may require. All of our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee and the high standard of service that we’ve become known for. To learn more about our residential pest control offerings, contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Aubrey

At Mayco Pest and Termite Control, we know that no two businesses are the same, which is why we treat every property we serve differently. Our commercial pest control programs are customized to the unique needs of our customers. We start by meticulously inspecting your property in order to determine your needs and goals as well as the presence of pests. From there, we’ll work with you to create and implement a thorough treatment that flushes out pests while also preventing them from returning. With more than a decade of experience, we have the knowledge and technological advances to tackle any pest problem that you could face. For more information on our services, contact us today. 

Can Essential Oils Keep Mosquitoes Away From My Aubrey Property?

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests that Aubrey residents like yourself can anticipate encountering between the months of April and October. They’re in search of your blood, which the female requires in order to reproduce. There are certain smells that mosquitoes detest, and when they’re diffused in essential oil form, they might provide some relief from mosquitoes. Those include citronella, clove, lavender, basil, rosemary, and eucalyptus. These efforts, however, do not address the root cause of mosquito problems and do not provide the wide spectrum coverage that professional mosquito control from Mayco Pest and Termite Control does.

Upon inspecting your property, we’ll treat all of the nooks and crannies where mosquitoes like to take up shelter and breed. This can include harborage areas, standing water, shaded areas, and other areas with conducive conditions. We’ll also make recommendations for the ways that you can limit mosquitoes by caring for your property as well. For more information on our mosquito control services, contact us today. 

All The Problems Rodents Bring To Aubrey Homes 

When rodent problems happen in Aubrey homes, they can be extensive and difficult to get rid of. But they’re not as simple as the rodents themselves, many other issues come with them. Some of the problems that rodents pose are:

  • Other pests. Rodents are one of the most notorious hosts for parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites, so secondary infestations are never too far behind. They can be harmful to the health of both people and their pets, possibly leading to Lyme disease, tularemia, and murine typhus.
  • Property damage. Rats and mice chew incessantly to keep their front teeth from overgrowing and this very commonly leads to ruined furniture, holes in walls, and shredded electrical wiring, which can cause house fires.
  • Health risks. Through their droppings, urine, and saliva, rodents can spread bacteria that causes leptospirosis, hantavirus, salmonellosis, and more.

At Mayco Pest and Termite Control, we provide Aubrey residents with safe and effective rodent control. Our offerings are designed to both alleviate the pressures that rodents pose while also preventing them from coming back in the future. To learn more about our rodent control, contact us today. 

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