How To Tell If Your Denton Property Has A Termite Problem

Subterranean termite crawling out of a hole made in wood

Termites are a big problem for any Denton property. They can, and do, cause thousands of dollars in damages. They cause billions of dollars in damages yearly in the United States. No one wants to spend any money on preventable damage.

Depending on their position in the colony, termites will look different. Swarmers have wings and might be confused for flying ants, while workers and soldiers do not have wings. Many termite species are creamy white but can also be light or dark brown. They are small, about the size same size as ants.

Although damaging to property and crops, termites are beneficial to the environment as they are important decomposers. Like all insects and animals, termites have a place in their native ecosystems. For example, in forests, termites help decompose dead leaves and put vital nutrients back into the environment so new growth can thrive.

Spotting Termites On Your Denton Property

Unfortunately, we usually don't catch termite infestations early because they live and work out of sight, allowing them to cause undetected damage. They can go unseen for years, working away at the structure of your Denton home before you realize the damage they've done.

However, if you can catch early signs of termites, you can stop them before they get a chance to chew on your home’s structure. The first signs of termites are swarmers. As already mentioned, swarmers have wings because they are reproductive termites, and when they are getting ready to mate, they leave their current colony to establish a new one.

Once they land at a new location, they drop their wings. If you find piles of wings around the foundation of your home, on windowsills, door frames, baseboards, and in other areas, then you might have a termite problem starting.

Other signs of termites include:

  • Frass: Termite droppings that look like sawdust are called frass. Depending on the wood they have consumed, frass can be light tan to black.
  • Mud tubes: Species like subterranean termites create mud tubes around building foundations to travel in and out.
  • Headbanging: When termites sense danger, soldiers will bang their heads and shake their bodies to warn workers.
  • Outdoor damage: Damage to trees and fences can provide early signs of termites before making their way into your home.
  • Tight-fitting windows and doors: Termite excrement can trap heat and moisture, making windows and doors swell.

Termite Prevention For Your Denton Property

When it comes to termite prevention, routine maintenance can be beneficial in making your property less attractive to termite swarmers.

This maintenance should include:

  • Removing and replacing water-damaged wood.
  • Removing old tree stumps and woodpiles.
  • Keeping woodpiles away from the foundation and storing them in storage boxes.
  • Removing excess plants and cleaning up fallen leaves.
  • Maintaining gutters to keep water from collecting.
  • Sealing cracks in the foundation and walls.
  • Addressing moisture issues such as a leaking roof and leaking pipes.

The best form of effective termite prevention in Denton, TX is with annual professional inspections.

Professional Termite Control In Denton

If you are worried about termites on your Denton, Texas property, you should contact the trained professionals at Mayco Pest and Termites Control. Even if you are unsure if you have a termite problem but suspect one, you should call immediately. 

When it comes to termites, waiting to take action will waste time and money. The earlier professionals can intervene, the easier treatment and repair will be.

At Mayco Pest and Termites Control, our experts have seen first-hand the damage termites can do. Not only do we treat existing termite problems, but we can install preventative bait stations. Whether you have a termite problem or want to prevent one, contact Mayco Pest and Termites Control today to get started.

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