The Best Rodent Control Solution For Your Denton Home

two mice in pantry

If you’re already fearful of rodents when they’re not around, imagine the anxiety when they’re running amok in your home. Fortunately, Mayco Pest & Termite Control provide the most advanced pest control in Denton to effectively get rid of rodents fast. Our friendly team thoroughly inspects the interior and exterior of your property, making sure to uncover every entry point that a pest may use to enter your home. Read on to learn more about the kind of rodents you’re likely to see and why partnering with professional pest control is the best solution to eliminate them.

Common Types Of Home-Invading Rodents In Denton

Denton not only has a thriving population but also has its fair share of rodents that live in the area. And if your home consists of all the goodies rodents find delectable, don’t be surprised if a few winds up scurrying around your yard or make their way into your house. If this unfortunate incident happens to you, one of two rodent species may be the intruder: the black roof rat or the brown Norway rat. Consult with pest management experts for guidance regarding professional rodent control in your home.

All The Problems Rodents Can Create In Your House

When rodents enter your home, they can cause many problems that can wreak havoc on your family’s peaceful environment. Small rodents, like rats and mice, can leave behind waste in inaccessible areas that cause your home to smell horrible. Additionally, urine and fecal matter left sitting creates airborne particles that can travel through vents, potentially making you and your family sick. Rodents have been known to carry diseases like tularemia, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), salmonella, and hantavirus. These creatures have an uncanny knack for finding electrical units and utilities and gnawing through the wiring. It’s not unusual for rodents to spark house fires with their nefarious chewing habits. Therefore, contact professional pest control specialists at the first sign of rodents in your home.

How To Make Your Home Less Inviting To Rodents

Have you seen more rodents scurrying around your property than usual? Or are you seeing rodents for the first time around your home? If so, you may inadvertently draw them to your house without realizing it. Rodents that invade your home simply seek the accommodations that you enjoy daily. Your warm and cozy humble abode with an abundance of food and other amenities attracts rodents like a magnet.

If you’d like to make your home less appealing to rodents, try the following tips:

  • Eliminate hiding places.
  • Fill visible holes and openings.
  • Clean your place thoroughly.
  • Get rid of food and water sources.
  • Remove trash before it fills up.

If you’re curious about natural methods to repel rodents, use a strong-smelling essential oil, like clove or peppermint. Soak clean cotton balls into the oil and place them around your house. If you require additional assistance, contact your local pest control company.

The Key To Total Rodent Control For Your Home

Effective rodent control starts with partnering with an experienced team of pest professionals with the knowledge and resources to eliminate different types of rodents in your home quickly. Pest specialists understand the behaviors and habits of these critters, along with other essential details, to help them eradicate an infestation. 

For over a decade, Mayco Pest & Termite Control has provided exceptional pest services for Denton, and the surrounding areas, that our residents can trust. Our team is highly skilled and well-equipped to handle any pest problem you encounter. From big to little rodents or any other critter in between, we’ve got you covered. We provide customized treatment options to suit your specific needs.

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