A Handy Termite Prevention Guide For Denton Homeowners

termites tunneling in wood

It’s hard to conjure up positive thoughts when thinking about termites. Perhaps it’s all the damage they can do to your home's wood interiors and structures. If not discovered promptly, these pests can wreak havoc on homeowners, resulting in costly repair bills. 

At Mayco Pest & Termite Control, we aim to save our residents frustration and money by providing the highest quality pest control in Denton. We offer the most advanced and effective methods that allow us to deliver the best way to get rid of termites in and around your property. Read on to learn about termites, their behaviors, and why your home may be a prime target for their destructive ways. 

About The Subterranean Termite's Caste System

Subterranean termites in Denton are similar to wasps, ants, and bees because they’re very social insects operating in an extremely organized hierarchical structure. A few female termites have the job of all the egg-laying for the colony. The remaining members carry out other duties, such as gathering food, caring for the young, or defending the group. Within colonies, a multi-generational population exists, giving way to specific divisions of labor. You will find workers, soldiers, and swarmers among the different castes, all of whom have particular jobs. 

Why Termites Infest And Destroy Wooden Structures

Wood materials draw termites like no other insect. You can blame an insoluble fiber substance in a wood called cellulose for attracting these pests to your residence. It turns out that cellulose provides all the nutrients termites need to survive and thrive once digested. But the functionality doesn’t stop with nourishment. These insects also call wood their home because that’s where they live. Termites also take up residence in trees, lumber, and even soil.  

Many homes become vulnerable to the destruction caused by termites as most homeowners have an abundance of wood materials on their property. For this reason, it’s crucial to be aware of items in your yard that could serve as an open invitation for termites. For proper termite removal, don’t hesitate to contact your local pest control for assistance.

Easy Ways To Make Your Home Less Attractive To Termites

If a termite-free environment is an ultimate goal, prevention is the key. But first, you have to start with a clean slate, ensuring that there are no longer termites in your home.

Once you complete this process, consider using these five tips to make your home as unattractive as possible to these pests:

  1. Pile firewood, lumber, and other wood materials a reasonable distance from your home’s exterior.
  2. Remove mulch from around your property’s perimeter.
  3. Clean out debris and clutter from your gutters.
  4. Resolve drainage issues that result in stagnant water around your home.
  5. Cut back overhanging tree limbs and overgrown bushes. 

Schedule routine maintenance visits with your pest control company throughout the year to ensure your home remains free from termites or other nuisance pests. 

The Key To Total Termite Control For Your Denton Home

Making a termite problem old news is easily achievable when you enlist professional pest control services once you’ve seen signs of termites in your home. Experienced technicians possess the knowledge, background, tools, and resources to obliterate any nuisance pest problem you may encounter.

At Mayco Pest & Termite Control, we have over ten years in the bug business and only deliver the latest and most effective solutions to eliminate infestations with results that last. Our services are guaranteed, and we customize treatment programs to meet each customer's specific needs and desired outcomes.

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