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Why Bed Bugs Infest Denton Homes And How To Get Them Out

November 30, 2022 - Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly common problem in homes all over the Denton area. These tiny pests can be difficult to get rid of, and can cause a lot of discomfort for those who are unfortunate enough to become infested. Mayco Pest and Termite Control will discuss the reasons why bed bugs infest our homes, and how you can go about getting them out. We will also go over why professional bed bug pest control in Denton is the only surefire way to get rid of these pests.

Bed Bug Bites Are Often The First Sign Of An Infestation

One of the most common ways that people realize they have a bed bug problem is when they start waking up with bites. Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale, and will usually bite us while we sleep. These bites can be very itchy and uncomfortable, and will usually show up in a line or cluster on the skin. If you start to notice bites on your body that you didn't have before, it's a good idea to check for bed bugs in your home.

Other signs of a bed bug infestation in Denton include finding small blood stains on your sheets or mattress, or seeing small brown bugs crawling around on your furniture. Bed bugs are very small, so they can be difficult to spot. If you think you might have bed bugs, it's important to call a professional bed bug control company like Mayco Pest and Termite Control right away.

Bed Bug Infestations Only Get Worse With Time

One of the biggest problems with bed bugs is that they reproduce very quickly. A female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime, and each egg hatches into a new baby bed bug in just a few days. So if you have even a small infestation of bed bugs, it can quickly turn into a big problem.

Bed bugs are also very good at hiding. They often hide in small cracks and crevices in furniture, or in the seams of mattresses and box springs. This makes it even harder to get rid of them, because you might not be able to find all of the bugs and eggs.

Some people try to get rid of bed bugs by using home remedies, but the truth is that these pests are very difficult to eliminate on your own. Do-it-yourself bed bug control techniques for your home are often ineffective, and can even make the problem worse. It takes professional pest control to kill bed bugs the right way. If you think you have bed bugs, the best thing to do is to call for local pest control for bed bugs.

How Bed Bugs Find Their Way Into Our Homes

Bed bugs in Denton are brought into your home in several different ways:

  • They can hitch a ride on clothing or luggage when you travel.
  • They can come into your homes on used furniture, or even on secondhand items like books or picture frames.
  • If there is an infestation in a neighboring apartment, they can sometimes find their way into your home through cracks in the walls.

Once they're in your home, they can quickly start to reproduce and make themselves comfortable. If you think you might have bed bugs, contact a bed bug control service in Denton right away.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

The only surefire way to get rid of these pests is with professional bed bug pest control in Denton. At Mayco Pest and Termite Control, we use the latest and most advanced techniques to eliminate bed bugs from your home for good. We also guarantee our services, so you can rest assured that your bed bug problem will be taken care of.

Don't let bed bugs take over your home; call Mayco Pest and Termite Control today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Denton. We'll get rid of your bed bug problem quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to enjoying your home again. 

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