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a norway rat in a home basement

How To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Denton, TX Property

November 5, 2021

Even if you like rats as pets, you don't want Denton's rats hanging out inside your home. They carry diseases, cause property damage, and can have your guests run away screaming. And, once rats decide to move in with you, they become squatters that refuse to leave.... Read More

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How To Get Rid Of Rodents On Your Denton, TX Property

September 10, 2021

What is the worst problem you have had to face on your Denton property? Most property owners' biggest problem has to do with something breaking, like a water heater or a major appliance. For others, theirs has to do with invasive creatures causing damage, spreading foul odors, or threatening people. ... Read More

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Denton, TX Homeowners' Complete Guide To Effective Rat Control

July 30, 2021

If you hear a scurrying in your attic or notice droppings on your basement floor, you could have a rat problem. Although rat infestations are common in Denton, most homeowners aren't ready to deal with these large rodents. Don't be caught unprepared, and learn all about rat control and how Mayco Pest and Termite Control can help. ... Read More


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