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Named after the ancient Greek city, Corinth is a small community located in Denton County, Texas. It’s located near the town of Denton, too, and it’s in the northern reach of the massive Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. But while suburbia can be a welcome respite from the bustle of city life, bedroom communities can still be susceptible to pest infestations. In fact, because of the population density that this part of the state is known for, pest populations can grow massive and migrate easily from one community to the next. This is why Corinth property owners need to protect themselves against invasive pests.

Home Pest Control In Corinth, TX

Large two story brick residential home in Corinth, TX.

While most homeowners like to think they do a good job keeping pests out all by themselves, the truth is that most residences probably have a pest problem, and they don’t know it. Pests like rodents and termites are good at hiding within your walls, with the signs of their activity only emerging once the population has been there for weeks.

The smartest course of action is to turn directly to the home pest control experts, who can make sure that an infestation isn’t forming without you being aware of it. Here’s how the professionals at Mayco Pest and Termite Control can help you today:

  • Inspection: Our trained technicians check your home’s interior and exterior, looking for pests or signs of their activity. Our inspections also help reveal factors around your property that may be attracting pests in the first place.
  • Treatment: We use the results of our inspection to determine what services are right for you. We work with customers on timing and pricing, making the experience affordable and accommodating.
  • Follow-up: We always check back with our customers to ensure that the pest problem truly stays gone.

For residential pest control in Corinth you can count on, turn to Mayco Pest and Termite Control today.

Commercial Pest Control In Corinth, TX

While homeowners shouldn’t try a DIY approach to pest control, businesses need to heed this advice. While the cost of professional commercial pest control can seem like too much for your local business, trust us when we say the costs of a pest infestation can be far higher. The property damage, health impacts, and reputational damage that a pest population can do to a small-town business are worse than proper pest prevention. That’s why many Denton County businesses partner with Mayco Pest and Termite Control to ensure they are always protected.

Here are the kinds of companies we’ve helped in the past:

  • Warehouses: Industrial storage areas may not seem like businesses you assume would be at high risk of pest problems, but anywhere pests can find lots of available nesting grounds are at substantial risk.
  • Dental Offices: The same can be true of dental offices and other healthcare spaces. Pests will be drawn in by the storage areas and furniture they can contaminate.
  • Apartment Complexes: If homes are at high risk for pests, it makes sense that apartment complexes would be at an even greater risk. With so many households in a smaller space, pests can easily invade apartments.

Protect these and other kinds of Corinth businesses from the woes of pest infestations by contacting Mayco Pest and Termite Control today.

How Professional Rodent Removal Helps Corinth Homeowners

Rodents are some of the most common pests to invade homes. Mice, rats, and other common outdoor rodents like gophers and voles destroy lawns. Keeping rodents out is easier said than done, so it’s wise to partner with rodent control experts than to try DIY. Here’s how professional rodent removal can ensure your Corinth home stays protected:

  • Source: Unlike store-bought baits and traps, our methods are designed to go straight to the source of the problem. Other processes may kill a pest or two, but the infestation itself can bounce right back.
  • Prevention: It’s better to prevent rodents than to try and root them all out after the fact. That’s why professional rodent prevention offers the best guarantee of a pest-free home.
  • Protection: Rodents can cause tons of property damage and adverse health effects. Protect your home with professional pest control instead.

Contact Mayco Pest and Termite Control today to get started on proper rodent control for your Corinth home.

Tick Prevention Tips Every Corinth Homeowner Should Know

Pests don’t just invade your home; they can invade your personal space, too. Ticks are tiny arachnids that can crawl over your skin or clothing without you even being aware, especially if you’re outdoors. They then cling to our bodies or personal items and hitch rides back to our homes. This is why you need to take proper tick control measures anytime you’re going into nature and why proper home pest prevention measures can save you from health problems.

Here are some tips for how you can reduce your risk of tick exposure:

  • Cover Up: When you’re hiking or camping or doing anything outdoors, it’s essential to cover your arms and legs with brush past the grasses and bushes that ticks lie in wait on.
  • Protect Yourself: You can also ward off ticks by wearing sprays or treated accessories that discourage ticks from getting close. Bear in mind that these offer temporary protection, not long-term pest control.
  • Professional Help: If you suspect that ticks have followed you back home or invaded your yard, turn straight to the professionals for prompt elimination. Experts can also treat your yard and exterior with solutions that ward off ticks and other local pests in Corinth.

Protect yourself from biting ticks by contacting Mayco Pest and Termite Control today.

How To Minimize Mosquito Activity Around Your Corinth Lawn

If mosquitoes are on your Corinth property, they are probably impacting your quality of life significantly. Between buzzing incessantly in our ears at night to biting anyone spending time on our lawns during an evening barbecue, these pests know how to make daily activities stressful.

Minimizing mosquito activity on your property is essential in creating a comfortable outdoor environment. The following strategies are easy to implement and very effective.

First, you must eliminate standing water where mosquitoes are known to breed. Clean out birdbaths, flowerpots, and any other containers that can collect water, even tiny ones that might go unnoticed. Remember that some mosquitoes need little more than a capful for their eggs to hatch successfully. We also recommend fixing any leaks or drainage issues that cause water to accumulate.

Also, keep your lawn well-maintained by regularly mowing and trimming the grass, as heat-sensitive mosquitoes rest in overgrown vegetation during the day. If necessary, create a barrier between your property and wooded areas.

And finally, consider picking mosquito-repellent plants for your landscaping, like citronella, lavender, marigold, and rosemary. These plants emit fragrances that naturally repel mosquitoes.

While these tips can give you good results, combining them with mosquito control treatments is the best way to make your property mosquito-free and allow you to enjoy your yard fully. The right ones will target adult mosquitoes and their breeding sites, helping to reduce their population, and are excellent during peak mosquito season.

Call Mayco Pest & Termite Control today to learn more about our safe, eco-friendly options for mosquito control in Corinth and get your yard back.

Five Warning Signs That Your Corinth Home Has Termites

Termites are well-known wood-destroying pests that can cause significant damage to your home if left untreated.

Here are five warning signs that you might be dealing with a termite infestation:

  1. You find wood damage: Termites feed on wood from the inside out, leaving behind hollowed-out or damaged wood. You might notice buckling, swollen lumber, and sagging floors or ceilings on the outside. Tapping on wooden structures to check for a hollow sound is a good way of checking for termite activity.
  2. You see mud tubes: Subterranean termites are a common species in Texas that builds galleries known as mud tubes to protect themselves and travel from one area to the next. You will usually see them on foundation walls or in crawl spaces.
  3. You spot discarded wings: When termites swarm, they shed their wings near windowsills, doors, or other entry points. It not only suggests that a termite colony is nearby, but it can also mean that it is growing bigger.
  4. You find termite pellets: Drywood termites produce tiny, pellet-like droppings called frass that resemble sawdust or coffee grounds. Finding small piles of frass around your home, particularly near wooden furniture or structural elements, strongly indicates a termite problem.
  5. You hear clicking sounds: Termites are usually quiet as they perform their destructive work. But sometimes, soldier termites might make noise to communicate danger to the colony. If you hear peculiar sounds from walls or wooden structures, contact a pest control professional who can identify them.

You could have a termite nest in your Corinth home if you notice one or more warning signs. Contact a Mayco Pest & Termite Control expert today for a free quote and to schedule a thorough inspection for our termite control services in Corinth.

Where Are All These Ants In My Corinth Home Coming From?

Are you experiencing an influx of ants in your home? If so, here are some possible sources and entry points from which they may be coming.

Ants are naturally outdoor creatures, and they typically establish nests in lawns and gardens or near foundation walls. But the closer they are to your home, the more opportunities they have to enter through cracks in the exterior while seeking food or water sources.

The most common entry points are usually damaged areas in walls and foundations, but these tiny invaders can also crawl under doors or squeeze through gaps in your window frames. We recommend sealing these entry points whenever possible and eliminating the factors that will attract ants in the first place.

Because ants are drawn to crumbs and uncovered food, cleaning dining and food prep areas is important. These scavengers can detect even tiny traces of food and leave a scent trail for other ants to follow, causing you to go from a few ants to an entire colony.

And finally, lowering moisture levels and fixing leaky pipes or clogged drains is essential to an effective ant control strategy, as is keeping your lawn clean and free of overgrown vegetation that could serve as pathways to enter your house.

If an ant colony has taken up residence in your home, especially walls and crawl spaces, professional treatments are the best way to eliminate it for good. Many of them can be challenging to locate, but we have the experience to identify the species of ants causing your problems and the tools to get rid of them safely. Call us today for a free quote and to get started on our ant control services in Corinth.

Why Seeing One Cockroach In Corinth Means More Are Nearby

It's true. Spotting a single cockroach indicates the presence of more nearby due to many factors, including the following:

  • Cockroaches are social insects: These insects often live in large groups, but you might not see them because they usually congregate in dark, secluded areas like inside crevices or behind appliances.
  • Cockroaches are nocturnal: Because these unwanted invaders are primarily active at night, meaning you might not notice a cockroach problem for quite a while. If you spot one during the day, it often means you have a significant infestation on your hands and that they are looking for more food and water due to overcrowding.
  • Cockroaches reproduce rapidly: Females can lay multiple egg cases throughout their lifespan, with each containing numerous eggs. It means that a single cockroach can lead to a growing population in a short period.

Cockroaches are dangerous invaders that can transmit harmful bacteria like salmonella. Taking immediate action is crucial if you see even just a few of these scavengers in your home. Mayco Pest & Termite Control can make your home safe again with top-rated cockroach control in Corinth.

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